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Rainbow Bridge

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Norah had Feline Herpes but was her owner's heart.  She wanted to rest on your chest and shoulder and kiss your face with her cheeks and nose.  She loved the laser light and could hear the keychain noise from several rooms away and would always come running to play!  She slept on her owner's head and had her own pillow but opted for her owner's every night.  She would let her owner hold her paw just before going to sleep.  She died 2/3/2011 from an obstructive tumor and massive internal bleeding but her owners tried very hard to help her live with emergency visits to Capital Vet and Referral & Emergency Center.  She will be deeply missed.

Robbie came to us in the summer of 2009. He was outside and very very ill with a serous upper respiratory infection. The first day we met, he jumped in to the trunk of the car and tried to come home with me. At that time, I was not prepared to take him home. My husband and I were absolutely at kitty capacity and did not have space for an adult, much less a sick adult cat. The following day we met again and I told him that if he wanted to go home with me, I’d put the carrier down on the ground next to the car. If he wanted a new home he just had to go into the carrier. He did and the rest is history. I took him home and set him up in the half bathroom. At this point all I knew is he was a very sick cat with a serious case of upper respiratory. I knew I would soon have to admit there was another cat in the house to my husband, so that evening I told him I needed to show him something. Rather than being angry, he turned the water on as hot as it would go and allowed the steam to fill the bathroom to try and help clear up some of his overwhelming congestion. I knew his original name was “Chainsaw” when I rescued him, but that was simply because he was difficult to medicate. We settled on a suitable name of Robbie. Robbie spent a paltry three months with us while under the care of Friends For Life veterinarians. We would medicate for a bit with one type of antibiotic, he would seem to get better, then all of a sudden he would get worse again. Just before Thanksgiving 2009, we lost our precious boy. Words cannot even begin to describe how much he meant to both of us. He was a very special boy, even more special because he bonded with my husband with a devotion so fierce, I doubt I will ever again see such a relationship. My husband made a special place for Robbie on his computer desk with a soft blanket to lay on. When Robbie was feeling really bad and starting to become dehydrated, my husband would soothe him and play computer games with Robbie there to “supervise”. The best thing about Robbie was knowing how grateful he was to have been rescued. He also had a truly unique way about him, he was a bit leggy and lanky. Every time he jumped up on a table or on the desk, night stand, etc, things went flying onto the floor. That will always be the thing we remember the most fondly about him. Without Friends For Life, we never would have found Robbie and connected with him the way we did. He was truly special and unique and there will never, ever, be another like him. My husband lost a dear friend that day in November and our lives will never be the same. Time changes things, but even today if we discuss Robbie my husband will shed tears and normally, so will I. He was special and I hope he is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for us when we get there. RIP Robbie, we loved you oh so much.

Cameron came to FFLAH as an 8-yr-old "puppy" in 2004 whose owner had Multiple Sclerosis and couldn't care for him anymore. After a short period Cameron became quite attached to his new foster home and became a permanent member 2 years later. With a full heart Cameron became inseparable with his "cat family" and gleefully played with them, especially one, Zippy. They would spar in the livingroom until both were tired. It kept Cameron young. In March 2008 Cameron became very sick and couldn't move. The owners learned later he had cancer of the liver and was not going to make it. Cameron died peacefully, but his owners still miss him. With love and affection for our smart, loving family member, Don & Phyllis

Queen Emmie

5 years ago, a lady by the name of Marie adopted a kitty from us named Emmie. She added "Queen" to her name so that everyone would know just how spoiled, regal and royal this much loved fur-baby was to her.

Sadly Queen Emmie passed away October 10th from kidney disease, but these wonderful people made sure to let us know just how much this kitty had touched their lives, how much they miss her and the honor it was to share their lives with her. They have planted a tree in Queen Emmie's memory.

May all the animals that have gone before you over the Rainbow Bridge Queen Emmie meet you there with open arms. Until we meet again....heart


Max was a sweet baby who was so laid back, cuddly and affectionate. He enjoyed electric blankets, laps, food and love.. We lost Max this morning and I (his foster mommy) am just shattered. Devastated.Angry. It's so unfair.....

We have no words to express how we are hurting. Our vet isn't sure what took him. Mad Max was almost two.  He was loved and will always be. He will never be forgotten. He is at the Rainbow Bridge, free from pain. He is resting now, with a blanky and a stuffed critter in a beautiful flower bed, next to a peony plant and a milkweed. A beautiful place for a beautiful soul.

Fly high, sweet baby. Mommy, Daddy, Alex, Edie and all of your cat siblings will miss you. I love you, sweet one. Good night and sleep well...until we meet again <3

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